Pan-tilt platform

                                                                               Product data


opuPTP-01 Pan-tilt platform is fully compatible with control station of automatic control system for moving objects AP 7.0-431329.700.000.

PTP can be applied together with other systems as well as in GPTP-01- 467864.02.000 configuration (with gyrostabilization and magnetometer function). 

PTP-01 is a powerful manipulator based on  high-accuracy and high-speed drives with feedback coupling. The device is designed for fast moving objects tracking, movable objects surveillance at long distances and for operation on the movable objects.

The device is capable to manipulate heavy mass equipment. The following equipment can be installed at PTP : directional antenna, projectors and CCD video cameras with laser ranger, big zoom lens, cooled thermal imager.    

The device can be used at movable objects as a turret in guidance system. PTP-01 has 28 digital channels and two supply channels.




Physical characteristics

Dimensions, mm

Weight, kg

Temperature range,  °C

IP rating


12,2 -40 °C ... +80 °C IP 67 SNZ 29-32/27В-1В

Basic characteristics

Rotation range


Angular speed

  • Azimuth
  • Elevation
  • Load
360 ° permanently
+95- 45°
15-30 kg or 2Х15 (axially)
  • Azimuth
  • Elevation
  • Accuracy
0,05 - 120 ° /sec
0,05 - 100 ° /sec
1 mrad

Voltage Consumption Connector pins number Payload fastening
12-36 V 250 W / 24V 32 pcs.
External brackets

Built-in sensors PTP-01
  • system voltage and current sensor
PTP-01 features
  • ESD protection
  • polarity reversal protection

Interfaces PTP-01

Control interface RS485